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Miky Škoda, photo by Sergei Lemon
Přednáška na akci Obrok 2019, photo by Tomáš Tkáčik
Meeting Talent Futures, photo by Adam Francouz

I am fascinated by the exploration of space and the possibilities of multiplanetary existence, as well as the ability to fulfill the potential of individuals and groups today. I explore communities, symbolic and practical boundaries, evolutionary principles and innovation. 


I founded and sold a company, managed commercial projects
and non-profit organizations, led a boy-scout troop, I traveled to more than 40 countries of the world and climbed some of the most demanding alpine peaks. I use my diverse experience in leading two organizations and for the innovation of Czech education. I will be happy to help you too.


I know that it takes courage to change things in life, in the company and in the world around usLet's discuss how I can help your organization.

I will accelerate your evolution

I am Miky. The founder, innitiator of ideas, innovator in education

I am learning about the world and sharing my experiences. Through business, travel, scientific knowledge and everything in between, I gain life and management experience and I tread new paths. My goal now is to make yours easier.

I sense that as humanity we are headed to a fascinating future. This brings with it a lot of challenging obstacles and questions to be answered, as well as the innovations that will come sooner or later. I will be happy to help with the development of your organization so that you not only respond to future changes, but also get one step ahead and shape the trends yourself.

Miky Škoda, Praha
Matterhorn, photo by Matyáš Hruška

What do I work on?

With my activities, I try to contribute to the future, which we can look forward to. My girlfriend Sara Polak and I have a long-term common mission to help preparing humanity for survival as a multiplanetary species. My stake is in educational innovation using evolutionary principles and all available technologies.


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Miky Škoda,rozhovor lektor Miky Škoda
Rozhovor BRAIN WE ARE, Miky Škoda
Rozhovor Mission Possible , Miky Škoda
Rozhovor PAiONEERS TALKS, Miky Škoda


In the past, we have successfully collaborated in the form of consultations, workshops and facilitation, for example here

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Pozadí kopie.png

Learn to be ready for the challenges, markets and work of the future


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