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​What do I give the most energy to

With my activities, I try to contribute to a future that we can look forward to.
With a girlfriend Sarah Polak we have a long-term joint mission to help prepare humanity for survival within the framework of multiplanetary functioning. My stake is in educational innovation using evolutionary principles and all available technologies.

Mobilis app (Founder, CEO)

We create a mobile app that gamifies education. We build on the technology originally created for experiential activities in the X-Challenge community for entering and evaluating challenges. The application gained great traction - it became the seventh most used in the Czech AppStore in its category, without paid marketing. 

PrSo we decided to expand the use of technology for education in a broader context, with the goal of achieving a similar principle as, for example, the Girl Scouts (the "beavers" of Foglar). Thus, we combine the completion of tasks to obtain certification together with community elements and evaluation with the help of blockchain and AI. We are raising investment for scaling abroad for the development, which now operates independently of the original parent organization. 

Miky Škoda, přednáška Talent Futures

X-Challenge community (Founder, CIO)

At X-Challenge, we host adventure events and challenges that create stories to last a lifetime. We connect people who support each other
in courage, kindness and trust in yourself and others. The community was created
in 2019 following community activities and organizing the LowCost Race,
which I founded in 2014. Within X-Challenge, which is currently similar to adult scouting in its activities, I am one of the 3 founding members and now as a board member I lead the innovation department.

Talent Futures (Founder, CEO)

Following my work in organizations and projects supporting entrepreneurship, I decided to provide follow-up support for innovative and multidisciplinary young people. The goal is to support their efforts in an innovative environment through mutual connection and close contact with a network of mentors and investors. We launched the working version of the incubator in Q2/2022, based on feedback we are now refining the final form in cooperation with Opera.

Miky Škoda, přednáška X-challenge
Talent Futures Logo bez pozadí

Where I help long-term

Red Button EDU (Innovation Community Expert)

As part of the Red Button educational platformcommunities specialized in individual business areas of clients are created. The innovation community brings together innovation experts and managers from large companies and those operating independently in order to jointly open topics that are burning for members and share examples of good practice and know-how for more effective innovations across the Czech Republic and Slovakia. As a community expert, my responsibility is to stimulate functioning according to the needs of the members, to protect the community ideologically and to introduce current topics into the events.



Business consultation, co-piloting

For a long time, I have been working as an external assistant to the management of companies and young projects. I share experiences and bring expert insight into complicated internal situations and important strategic decisions. We most often collaborate on the topics of team effectiveness, coordination of partners, combination of vision-mission-corporate culture-PR, raising investments or managing the innovation process. In this way, we cooperate with e.gsaying here:

  • Kudykampus Gymnasium (an emerging gymnasium with a focus on modular teaching
    and practical preparation of students for personal and working life)

  • Newspark (multimedia platform for independent content)

  • We protect money (investment platform for protecting the value of financial resources)

  • Rykr media (marketing agency focusing on short videos)​

Miky Škoda

Moderation, facilitation

Innovation topics, primarily focusing on education and technology, are continuously opened up with various organizations in public and closed debates and in podcasts in cooperation not only with usby the following organizations:

  • Charles University Innovation Laboratory

  • Prague Innovation Institute

  • Entrepreneurial and innovation center city of Prague

Miky Škoda
S čímmohu pmoci vám

What can I help you with?

Do you have a company or an emerging project? I am happy to share my experience and expertise from my own business as well as from hundreds of consulting and teaching hours.

Forms of cooperation:

  • Lectures

  • Workshops

  • Mentoring

  • Strategic co-piloting

  • Moderation

  • Facilitation

Topics of cooperation:

  • Evolutionary principles in leadership

  • Adaptability, entrepreneurship, proactivity

  • Innovation, transformational technology

  • Community building

  • Agile and innovative Corporate Culture

  • Transformation from freelance to a company, startup scaling

  • The future of work

  • The future of education

  • Technology and efficiency

  • Survival in the mountains, scouting and intuitive leadership

  • Presentation skills, crisis communication

  • Design thinking

Are you interested in any of my areas of expertise and feel it will be useful for your needs?

Let me know, I will be very happy to hear from you or even invite you for coffee. Let's discuss how I can help you too. 

Contact me at 721 936 801 or

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